Truck Industry Survey Shows Alarming Number Of Fleets Aren't Monitoring OBC Data To Identify Cost Savings Potential

Onboard Computers (OBCs) in Heavy-Duty Trucks Fleet Advantage Survey Results Blurred.pngFleet Advantage recently unveiled results of its latest survey of private and transportation fleet executives showing that many fleet professionals aren't leveraging onboard computer (OBC) data to pinpoint operational cost-savings potential.

The online survey shows that while 70% of industry professionals regularly monitor OBC data for driver logs and dispatching, only 6% utilize it to gain insight on fuel consumption (roughly 70% of a fleet's annual operating costs).

Other results include:

  • Most monitored actions using an OBC
  • Top 5 reports generated by OBC
  • Estimated annual operating savings resulting from OBC data per truck

For full results of the survey download our infographic.