ATLASS_Logo-Color.pngATLAAS - Advanced Truck Lifecycle Administrative Analytics Software

Every day fleet managers have to do more with less resources.  Today, they are not only directed to increase efficiencies and save money, they must monitor and comply with ever increasing regulatory mandates as well as meeting growing customer expectations.  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandates are becoming drivers of supply chain initiatives that require fleet managers to identify processes that are socially and environmentally unacceptable. In order to accomplish their objective, fleet managers require a one-stop resource that they can turn to in order to get a clear picture of the costs and emissions associated with their fleet. 

We developed ATLAAS, our award winning and proprietary platform and data analytics software over five years, to address that challenge.  ATLAAS and its easy-to-use interface gives fleet managers all of their pertinent fleet information and their data analytics and visualizations they need to manage their fleet with a few keystrokes, on one platform, without the need for a support team of analysts or data scientists. 

ATLAAS monitors and manages the following:

  • Fuel economy, vehicle/driver interaction; maintenance and repair items, vehicle safety system access
  • ATLAAS-Home-Screen.pngCombines maintenance cost, fuel cost, depreciation and interest, damage repairs, administration, and etc. costs, while applying sophisticated algorithms and using holistic methodology
  • Incorporates market changes as they occur and uses proprietary business intelligence to determine a truck’s economic “tipping point”, including resale value
  • Determines replacement feasibility leveraging the cost comparison of areas such as maintenance, service and fuel efficiency

Data Driven Decisions

ATLAAS is currently monitoring 20,000 tractors, offering advantages in benchmarking of operating costs and providing monthly, quarterly and annual fleet budgeting. Using ATLAAS data, a fleet manager can dispatch fleet services to fix settings or issues as a result of certain truck performance data, determine fleet MPG goals and select trucks with better MPG for longer delivery routes. Each scenario could potentially save millions in costs.

Fleet managers can leverage ATLAAS for a host of data reports including:

Combining ATLAAS with our financial acumen and industry expertise on truck specifications, utility cycles and cost containment make Fleet Advantage unique in the industry and valuable to all fleet managers.

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